Psychology and dental care

The best way to overcome fear is fear of the dentist ‘s face it, there are several ways to overcome fear , get to know them .
Put everything together to overcome their problem of dental fear , not living dragging problem that distresses him and one health problem.
    Music is an important step in the management of dental anxiety element use it .
Psychological therapies are important aid in overcoming dental phobia .
There are several therapies for management of dental anxiety get to know them and use them will benefit .
Freedom from fear decidedly opposite problem to live without backpacks , mental health is important.
Understand what happens in your body and in your teeth and be a support for the dentist, your help is needed , the teeth are unique fabrics , unique pieces .
Do not frighten the experiences of others or what others tell him , live your own experience.
Think and act positively , trust dentists. We must dare , the decision is yours .
Complementary medicine can help , such as acupuncture , hypnosis, flower therapy , etc. .
Distraction techniques during dental treatments work .

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Love songs : Top 10

It’s never easy to write up a list of the 10 best love songs of all time.

Another thing that has affected the 10 songs I’ve chosen is the fact that my tastes and preferences have changed ever since I came up with that top 30 list. In fact, you will find that 3 of the songs featured in this list didn’t even make the cut in the original top 30 ballads list.

So believe me, when I say, that these are my current Top 10 Love Songs, at the time of writing this post. I expect to change again in the future, although probably not so drastically.

It must be remembered that this top 10 list is in no particular order.

1. Everything I Do (I Do For You) – Bryan Adams

One of the biggest ballads of the 90s, “Everything I Do” is up there in many people’s list of the best love songs ever composed. It is the most modern original composition in this Top 10 Love Songs list, making it even more special and unique. Easily Bryan Adam’s biggest hit in terms of commercial success, this continues to be a favorite at weddings.

2. Hard To Say I’m Sorry – Chicago

Peter Cetera’s voice is almost inseparable from this classic love song. This was the song that revived the fortunes of Chicago after a commercial slump in the late 70s and the early part of the 80s. This is probably the one song that will forever remain in my Top 10 Love Songs list and probably yours too.

3. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

Few songs have such a vocal performance as powerful and as memorable as this song. Originally a country song from Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston remade the song completely, so much so, that it is considered to be her song, rather than Dolly’s. The fact that it was part of a successful film The Bodyguard, guaranteed the success of this song.

4. Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is one of the most recorded songs of the 20th century. While originally recorded and released in 1965, its popularity with modern audiences is due to its inclusion in the 1990 hit movie Ghost. Old fashioned and traditional, yet sincere and timeless.

5. Don’t Know Much – Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville

Don’t Know Much is one of the simplest yet one of the most powerful love songs ever made. It explores how people may not be sure about a lot of things in life yet the one thing that they’re always sure about is that they are in love with their partner. This is the song I would play at a first dance at a wedding. Certainly deserves its place in the Top 10 Love Songs list.

6. Endless Love – Diana Ross & Lionel Ritchie

Probably the most well-known ballad of the 80s, it is about 2 lovers that declare their complete, limitless and eternal love to one another. It continues to be in high rotation on adult contemporary radio stations as well as at weddings. While the song was successfully remade by Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross, it doesn’t top the original in my opinion.

7. Close To You – The Carpenters

More often than not, this is my most favorite love song of all time and deserving of a place in this Top 10 Love Songs list. But that’s probably because I’m a big fan of The Carpenters and simply adore Karen Carpenter. I haven’t been able to find another song that is sweeter, simpler and more beautiful. The lyrics are touching. The arrangement is perfect. The voice is certainly from above. A timeless classic.

8. It Must Have Been Love – Roxette

This song always reminds me of the movie Pretty Woman and the scene where it is played. It is played as Vivian (played by Julia Roberts) is leaving Edward (Richard Gere) for what appears to be the last time. The lyrics of the song explain that all that she has gone through with Edward “must have been love” even though it looks to have ended.

9. Waiting For A Girl Like You – Foreigner

You may be surprised to find that I’ve chosen this song in this Top 10 Love Songs list instead of Foreigner’s other big hit, I Wanna Know What Love Is, which is generally considered to be their best ballad. All I can say is that this is one of the songs currently going through my head, for many different reasons. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful song, often overshadowed by their other hit. An interesting fact is that this song spent a record 10 weeks at number 2 on the US charts without ever reaching number 1.

10. Sara – Starship

Easily my favorite power ballad of all time, 2 ingredients make this song both powerful and memorable. Firstly, the emotive lyrics demonstrate the rollercoaster that relationships can be especially when they end. Secondly, lead singer Mickey Thomas’ vocal performance is very genuine and combined with the great lyrics creates something that tugs the heart.

There is a good chance that I will go back and update this list before the end of the year. If I don’t, please remind me to do so. You may not agree with some of my choices, but I hope that this is a relatively good list of the Top 10 Love Songs.

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Health benefits of music

  1. Eases Anxiety In Cancer Patients
  2. Reduces Stress
  3. Helps During Surgery
  4. Protects Your Ears’ Sound-Processing Abilities
  5. Boosts Heart Health
  6. Soothes Pain
  7. Helps Memory
  8. Protects The Aging Brain
  9. Prevents Heart Transplant Rejection (In Mice)
  10. Improves Stroke Recovery
  11. Works As Well As A Massage At Lowering Anxiety
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Jul Feeling down? A trip to the mall might help

Why Shopping Can Be Good for Your Health

When your significant other says it’s over, your first instinct may be to seek comfort in a pint of ice cream or a stiff drink. But there are healthier ways of nursing a broken heart – including shopping.

In a recent survey by TNS Global on behalf of, around 52 percent of respondents said they’ve engaged in “retail therapy,” the act of shopping and spending to improve one’s mood. Both men and women admitted they’ve opened their wallets when feeling blue. However, this form of therapy can put your finances at risk if it’s the only way you can temper your mood, or if you feel guilty about your spending behaviors and don’t shop in moderation.

When you’re sad, you see the world differently, says Scott Rick, a professor of marketing at the University of Michigan whose research focuses on the emotional causes and consequences of financial decision-making. Rick says people who are upset often think they live in an environment that’s out of their control. One way to restore control, he says, is by making choices about what to buy.

Decisions can be between material items (a pair of shorts versus jeans) or what to consume (a smoothie versus a milkshake). Studies show retail therapy is less effective for feelings like aggression, but Rick says purchases – cheap or expensive – can help relieve mild depression.

Despite its benefits, retail therapy is shunned by many consumers. “I think it’s unpopular these days to say you shop for pleasure because we’re supposed to be in some stoic state in this post-recession economy,” says Kit Yarrow, a professor of psychology at Golden Gate University in San Francisco who studies consumer trends and behaviors. “I think shopping serves as a healthy purpose for a lot of people. If it works for you, you should not feel guilty. Do it, enjoy it and don’t overdo it.”

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Children and heavy metals

Chemicals are part of our daily life. All living and inanimate matter is made up of chemicals and virtually every manufactured product involves the use of chemicals. Many chemicals can, when properly used, significantly contribute to the improvement of our quality of life, health and well-being. But other chemicals are highly hazardous and can negatively affect our health and environment when improperly managed. WHO compiled a list of the 10 major chemicals of concern, which includes many heavy metals:

•Air pollution
•Dioxin and dioxin-like substances •Inadequate or excess fluoride
•Highly hazardous pesticides


RISK FOR PNEUMONIA AND DIARRHEA IN INFANCY Results: 115,850 person-days of observation were contributed by the

infants during 1 year follow-up.

Estimated risk of lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) and severe LRTI increased by 69% and 54%, respectively, for infants of mothers with urinary arsenic in the highest quintile.
For diarrhea: corresponding figure of 20% a distinctive combination of very conscientious and highly-educated providers and the highest in dental technology, to make your dental visit as thorough and comprehensive as possible.

Conclusions: Arsenic exposure during pregnancy was associated with increased morbidity in infectious diseases during infancy. Taken together with the previous evidence of adverse effects on health, the findings strongly emphasize the need to reduce arsenic exposure via drinking water

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